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Study: Long periods of celibacy affect men's health -

Study: Long periods of celibacy affect men’s health –

The results of a recent Danish study showed that separation and long periods of celibacy affect men’s health.

prone to infections

newly study on the consequences celibacy conducted by researchers from the University of Copenhagen (Denmark).
The latter studied 26 years of the love lives of nearly 10,000 people, ages 48 to 62, according to CNews. The results are published in Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health and spotted it slate, they showed that men who have experienced many separations and years celibacy It will be more prone to infections than others. “Chronic systemic inflammation plays an important role in driving many age-related diseases, such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes…specialists said.
Men with this condition had a 17% higher rate of inflammation than the control group. This inflammation is also higher (12%) for those who have been single for at least 7 years.

for women

This association was not observed in women. The researchers note thatstudy It is restricted to a relatively smaller group of women, and this could explain the insignificant results. Thus, no conclusion can be drawn.
However, scientists have indicated that women’s inflammatory health is less affected celibacy of men. According to them, men are more likely to express their sadness during a breakup.They affect levels of inflammation differently“.

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