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Strasbourg.  Improvisation in July, Friday Show at Espace K.

Strasbourg. Improvisation in July, Friday Show at Espace K.

What is summer vacation? Heat, friends, holidays, boredom… theater improvisation? This is the task she has given herself to the Collectif Latéral de Sécurité. Young company from Strasbourg which in the framework “Young Summer Visitors” He offers workshops on this increasingly modern theater practice.

To do this, a group of young actors graduating from the National Theater School or the Drama Conservatory gathers young people aged 12-16 every Tuesday, as well as a group of adults on Thursday evenings. And that throughout the month of July.

The aim of these workshops is to convey improvisational theater in a fun way. Through these workshops (which last 3 hours), beginner, and for some already intermediate, students are busy creating stories and interpretation through simple, accessible games.

CLS is made up of seven impromptu workshops throughout the first month of vacation in order to lead the majority of students to a show on Friday, July 29th at Espace K. Because yes, compensation is organized!

The protagonist of the story is part of the audience

To close these workshops, a performance will be presented on Friday 29 July at Espace K. Students will improvise on stage and will be followed by a performance by La Thérapie representatives.

Therapy is an improvised theater concept that reproduces the daily life of a volunteer member of the audience: the patient. At the invitation of the character of the wizard to come and trust in his office on the stage, he will become the hero of the story, explained by the actors who are still hidden behind the scenes. From a recent totemic question asked by a healer: “What would you like to change in your life?” The magic of improvisation comes on suddenly and the actors enjoy replaying it and then reinventing the patient’s places, relationships and habits. First, to comfort and comfort him, but also to give him happy chances after his dissatisfaction, thus allowing him to consider with humor and passion the possibility of a new life.

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Friday, July 29, 8:30 p.m. at the Espace Key, 10 rue du Hohewald in Strasbourg.