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source.  Follow Miki Sudo, the world's number 1 hot dog eating contest

source. Follow Miki Sudo, the world’s number 1 hot dog eating contest



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She can devour 48 and a half hot dogs in under 10 minutes. This is a world record by an American. Cross follows Nathan to Coney Island for the annual biggest hot dog eating contest at Nathan’s popular restaurant.

I don’t really plan to make it my career. My first competition was back in 2011. I ate 5.6 kg of pho at a restaurant where the winners were rewarded with $1,500. My friends went there and had fun. When I saw their photos, I seriously thought, “I think I can.” So the next day, without any training or preparation, I went out there and became the first person, and the only one to date, to win the award.”. Since then, Miki Sudo has been the nation’s No. 1 female hot dog cobbling.

“It’s very rhythmic, very mechanical. I don’t leave anything to chance.”

This year, he puts his title on the line at Coney Island in a tournament at Nathan’s Famous Restaurant. She has her own technique for devouring different hot dogs: “It’s very rhythmic, very mechanical. I leave nothing to chance. At the same time, I take a loaf of bread, dip it, and completely drown it in my usual strawberry-orange-banana drink. I discovered that this technique requires no chewing at all, because the more you chew, the more you activate your salivary glands, and the more you feel the taste, the faster you tire of the taste. Once you start to tire of the taste, you won’t be able to eat as fast or as much as you’d like.”. Her husband Nick Vehri is also a competitive eater. In 2022, Nikki Sudo won Nathan’s Women’s Contest for the 8th time by devouring 40 hot dogs in 10 minutes.

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