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“Severe turbulence” on board due to strong winds, passengers admitted to hospital

“Severe turbulence” on board due to strong winds, passengers admitted to hospital

Strong winds have been lashing the Oceania country since Thursday, causing numerous flight cancellations and delays. The flight took off from Hawaii and suffered a severe disruption.

Travelers will remember that. A flight bound for Sydney, Australia, experienced “severe and unexpected turbulence” on Friday due to strong winds, according to reports. Guardian. Several passengers were hospitalized.

Australia is experiencing unfavorable weather due to strong winds. About 100 flights departing or arriving from Sydney were canceled on Friday, with even more rescheduled. One of the airport’s runways was preparing to close for the second time in two days.

Supported by a doctor on board

The Hawaiian-owned flight departed Honolulu, Hawaii, for Sydney, Australia on Friday with 163 passengers and 12 crew members on board.

After five hours of flight, the plane suddenly fell victim to “severe and unexpected turbulence”.

Four passengers and three crew members felt unwell and were treated directly on board by a doctor.

Three people are in hospital

The Airbus A330 finally landed in Sydney around 7:45pm local time on Friday, or 11:45am French time this Saturday.

A New South Wales state Ambulance spokeswoman said 12 people were quickly treated at the scene. Three passengers had to be hospitalized for injuries, some citing back pain.

The airline responded to the incident and pledged that the care of passengers and crew “affected by this turbulence” is “its first priority”. “We thank Sydney Airport first responders for their immediate assistance,” he added.

The company also says it conducted a “thorough inspection” of the plane on Friday evening before returning to the airport on Friday evening, Australian time.

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