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Seven Economic Plagues Awaiting the Future British Prime Minister

Seven Economic Plagues Awaiting the Future British Prime Minister

Rising energy prices could put many pubs in the UK out of business. Credit: Avalon/LFI/ABACA

Explanation – Brexit is a blow to the UK’s attractiveness for investment. That’s not the only concern.

Successor to Boris Johnson, appointed the following Monday, would find a pile of files on his desk, each one more urgent than the next. From economic conditions to social unrest, the UK faces a tense autumn “Summer of Discontent” Stopped by repeated strikes.

A situation reminiscent of the 1970s, with inflation, social movements, sluggish growth and failing public services. “UK looks more and more like a growing economy” In a note much noticed this summer, Saxo Bank economist Christopher Dembig quotes “Political instability, Brexit and Covid-related trade disruptions, the energy crisis – a real risk of a blackout this winter – and high inflation”.

1. Energy Crisis and Inflation Record

The “cost of living crisis” is weighing on British households a little more each month. Inflation, which already crossed 10% in July, continues its run towards records…

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