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“Scary”: A terrified woman discovers that a stranger has been living on her floor for months

“Scary”: A terrified woman discovers that a stranger has been living on her floor for months

After hearing a noise in her home, a California woman discovers to her horror that a man has been living on her floor for ‘months’ after noticing her arm sticking out of a hole near the floor.

“I’m standing outside the front door and peeking outside the minute I see the grass moving. A fucking arm came out of the hole and was touching the grass. A guy’s been living here for months.” Ashley Guardino said, eyes wide, in a TikTok video that reached more than Six million views in a few days, “It’s Been Living Down the House”.

The Sun reported that the visibly adrenaline-fuelled mum posted on social media on Sunday the arrest of the man, who he said had been living on his land for months.

In the footage, two police officers with flashlights can be seen peering into a hole near the floor in the home, before drawing their weapons as they try to coax the man down the hole out of hiding.

After a while, the quivering man, who is extremely inebriated and shirtless, finally appears to comply with their request before being handcuffed.

“Do you know how scary it is to see a silly arm come out… hitting the ground around your house?” She followed the woman, who scrambled to plug the few holes that gave access to the foundations of her home.

According to the information obtained by the woman, the man is known to the police.

However, in a second video, the woman reports finding and rescuing a second intruder—much less terrifying this time—from her foundations, while a weeks-old kitten snuggled deep in the hole as she prepared to move. Blocking the last access.

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