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Saturday at Stade Canac: Anciens Capitales, 4 Musketeers and “American Kangaroo”

Saturday at Stade Canac: Anciens Capitales, 4 Musketeers and “American Kangaroo”

From the start, the Four Horsemen and Anciens Capitales have opted for a wrestling-like approach to promote their charity football match scheduled for Saturday afternoon at Stade Canac, and now an extra layer has been added with the announcement of the presence of a pitcher from the United States: Brad “American Kangaroo” Kilpatrick.

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If vaudeville is in the spotlight, one fact remains: The Four Horsemen want to put on a good show, but they have no intention of losing this match.

“We suffered our last defeat against Anciens Capitales in 2018, and this defeat is still in our hearts,” admits Renaud Lefort, 4 Knights project manager since the rebirth of this organization about ten years ago. “There’s no way we can lose to them twice.”

The addition of Kilpatrick, who is of Australian descent, comes in light of the injury of one of the Knights’ four players. For their part, Anciens Capitales will have to rely on Quebec’s Eric Marticot, who has an established reputation in the world of fastball.

Former Capitals players include Capitals president Michel Laplante, Jonathan Malo, Jeff Tomlinson, Yves Martino and Stéphane Dion. A portion of the profits will be donated to the Fondation des Capitales de Québec.

Revenge of opponents

Regarding the promotion with the accent of Maurice “Mad Dog” Vachon, Lefort heated things up in a video, last August, by accusing the Anciens Capitales team of disrespecting former Expos players this summer, winning by more than 10 points in a previous charity match.

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“It is an insult you have inflicted on our Anciens Z’Amours,” noted the head of the Four Knights, who had willingly given more than the client had asked for. You were, to me, mean. No respect for those who make us shake… I take it all personally and on September 30th, I will be there to defend the honor of the previous exhibitions. »

Martino played the game and responded by refuting the accusations, then telling Lefort he would “play bacon” by leaving Qaanaq Stadium. The schedule is set for Saturday with the game scheduled for 3 p.m.