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Sarah Palin vs.  The New York Times: Misery...

Sarah Palin vs. The New York Times: Misery…

Even if her New York adventures distracted you, she told you that the purpose of her visit is as important to her as it is to the media. The ruling, expected soon, could have an impact on how press freedom is interpreted and how the media covers public figures.

The New York Times has already admitted that it mishandled the content of one of its articles dedicated to M.I Palin. A former editor came to confirm that she had made the mistake and that he had to take full responsibility for it. I explained to you that the experiment is therefore not intended to determine whether or not there was an error, but to determine whether the error was made in good faith.

Long before Donald Trump attacked the media on a daily basis, the former Alaska governor denounced the “lame media.” Whether it’s ABC, MSNBC, CBS, or The New York TimesNone of them found favor in her eyes, and she accused them of holding her constantly.

After being called as a witness yesterday, Sarah Palin had the opportunity to testify about the mistreatment and abuse attributed to this supposed media slingshot directed against her. This was his best time. We imagined she would not be satisfied with the usual bravery or the miserable campaign slogans. One would think she would arrive fully prepared.

And yet? As during the 2008 campaign and as it has since, Ice amazon not only struggled to support her accusations, but may have hurt her chances of winning when she opened her mouth. According to the observers in the room, she was unable to prove the damage the opening had caused in times.

Where she was expected to be sharp and well supervised by her attorney, she presented the same hollow formulas as usual. Vague in her arguments, unable to support accusations of cruelty on the part of times or producing references to articles that are allegedly defamatory.

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How bad is it, as a testimony? Even caricatures. She claims that she did not have time to read everything that was written about her. Remember that the facts go back many years and that they are what you seek times.

Sarah Palin didn’t seem to have learned anything from her gruesome 2008 campaign. Impulsive and rebellious in the face of those who advised her, she herself had staked her chances. Convinced that style matters more than substance, she gave several interviews which emphasized her lack of knowledge and preparation. Even today, John McCain is bound to be turning in his grave in his thinking on the subject.

In a way, I am saddened by Sarah Palin’s poor performance. why? Quite simply because the real stakes are higher and I would have liked it times Take a real test. Nothing says the verdict will be in favor of this influential post, but if one relies on yesterday’s only testimony, it will be in the pocket.

The media must be required to meet the highest standards. When we allow ourselves to point out Fox News and AON to this world for their questionable journalistic practices and their lack of rigor, we must lead by example.

Moreover, in these defamation cases, the courts generally favor the media. For once, one might think so, though corrections times, the plaintiff has real chances to dissuade a giant. Exactly what Trump and Palin dream about in this world every night.

MI Rebellious and disoriented, Palin could have brought her down yesterday, depriving us in passing of a great opportunity to articulate the limitations of the media’s work.

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On Friday, we concluded the pleadings of the concerned parties. So we should quickly resolve the outcome of the trial.