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Russia makes a feat against America, accuses a giant – La Nouvelle Tribune

Russia makes a feat against America, accuses a giant – La Nouvelle Tribune

At a time of significant international tensions, hackers are attempting to force locks deemed impenetrable to retrieve valuable information. That is what happened on the American side. In fact, this Thursday, senior officials confirmed that Russian hackers had achieved the feat of stealing emails written between US government agencies. Microsoft.

Anyway, this is what was said Eric Goldstein, from the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). He confirmed that Microsoft executives had contacted several government agencies to explain that Russian hackers had gained access to their exchanges by retrieving connection information such as usernames or passwords.

Russian hackers are at it again in the US

However, what actually happened cannot be known as of now. As a security measure and to plug any holes in the scam, the CISA It has called on all relevant US government agencies (according to Microsoft) to significantly review their security systems to strengthen their security systems and ensure that similar incidents do not occur in the future.

Behind this full-scale hack operation is a group of hackers directly linked to Russia's foreign intelligence services. A new thorn in the side of the US tech giant that has been a target for monthsCyber ​​attacks And all sorts of expressions tend to prove that this same group did not encounter many difficulties in carrying out its activities.

Such an amazing attack

Microsoft However, that's not the only giant being targeted. A few weeks ago, it was the group Hewlett Packard Enterprise The same group of hackers broke into its systems to steal more information and confirmed the information. Russia has denied any involvement in the operation, saying the actions were personal and isolated.

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