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Roxanne Bruno releases the heartbreaking song “J’te retiens pas”

Roxanne Bruno releases the heartbreaking song “J’te retiens pas”

After the annoying song passenger side, Roxanne Bruno tells the story of a doomed love in her new excerpt I won’t stop you, Launched Friday.

The 32-year-old singer-songwriter leans toward softness with “J’te retiens pas,” taken from her third album laden It will be released on November 17, and will be released on November 21 on MTELUS.

In this emotional guitar song, Roxanne Bruno recounts the tensions she feels in the face of a failed romantic relationship. How do you turn your back on someone you love?

“And you come
And go as you wish
I won’t stop you, I already know that
“We won’t end up together.”

Roxanne Bruno shared a short performance of the song on her Facebook page, noting that it was one of her “songs.” preference From the next album.

age laden

It’s a more assertive Roxanne Bruno who is preparing to release her third album laden, It was created with his eternal partner Mathieu Brisset.

“This is perhaps the feeling that has haunted me the most since the book was publishedAcrophobia And the success that followed. Work, of course, performances, promotion, pressure, but above all, above all, he is overwhelmed by the love of the audience. If the first album was simple and naive, and the second was sharp and painful, this third album is more mature and self-confident. “I feel like I’ve finally gotten rid of fear,” the artist reveals in the press release.

Roxanne Bruno plans to perform all the songs from her new album, in order, during the launch party on November 21 at MTELUS.

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His song passenger side, With Souldia, it has been viewed over 450,000 times on YouTube. When it was released, the song was the #1 music trend in Canada on YouTube.

Album laden It will be available on November 17. The launch will take place on November 21 on MTELUS. to All the detailshe is here.