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Richard Latendress, addressed by a viewer, responds to her live broadcast

Richard Latendress, addressed by a viewer, responds to her live broadcast

In the heart of the Republican and Democratic primaries, Richard Latendresses crisscrossed the country to try to provide the best possible coverage of the event, but this did not seem to be appreciated by everyone.

One viewer took the trouble to write to the host of the show Contexts to criticize his work. Remember, he was biased in his interventions at the expense of President Donald Trump.

The journalist and host decided to comment on his program and respond to this viewer.

Watch the full clip in the video at the top of the page.

“As soon as we saw the funereal face of LCN correspondent Richard Latendresse, we understood last night that Mr. Trump remains a force to be taken seriously. Poor Latendress must have been praying for a miracle; He is naive and gullible, and truly believes that the survival of democracy is at stake and that Joe Biden is its savior. Chinese-style corruption, Russian-style corruption, and American-style corruption. Crooked politicians on both sides of the Senate, a politicized and partisan justice system. The media? We read in his comment: “Biarded and dishonest, as in China, as in Russia.”

“Poor Micheline, you live in a dark and evil world. Stop watching Fox News and listening to the former Republican president. Look at LCN instead,” the “Contexts” host said.

He continues, “There are good people in politics, in the judicial system, and even in the media.”

On a more serious note, the host has been defending his work over the past few weeks.

“Despite what I understand, I'm not biased. I certainly favored political candidates who tell the truth, who don't try to evade taxes, who don't insult other candidates, who show a little more respect for people who are different from us and who respect women a little more.” Candidates who propose a better future for everyone, not just themselves. Finishing, [des candidats] When they lose, they admit it and run again at the next opportunity,” the correspondent in the United States confirms.

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Richard Latendresse ends by pointing out that he is not against President Donald Trump at all, because he makes journalism more important and entertaining.

“Between you and me, I have nothing against Trump. On the contrary, covering it, as a journalist, is like going to see clowns at the circus and getting paid extra for it. Whatever it is, I'm very happy to keep it going.”

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