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Provinces ask Ottawa to stop encroaching on their jurisdictions |  Federal budget 2024

Provinces ask Ottawa to stop encroaching on their jurisdictions | Federal budget 2024

The Federation Council has serious reservations about Freeland's budget presented this week.

In a letter sent to Justin Trudeau on Friday, the premiers of Canada's 13 provinces and territories emphasized from the beginning that Ottawa should… Refrain from infringement In their fields of specialization, Especially with regard to the areas of health, education and housing.

In these cases, Every government should have the right to receive ongoing financial compensation that represents its fair shareThey write emphasizing that this should be permanent Unconditional.

The council – whose rotating chairmanship these days falls to Nova Scotia Premier Tim Houston – regrets, among other things, that Freeland's budget was presented after the provincial budget and notes that the latter's priorities were not taken into account. Or very little.

Its members also say Concerned that the costs of new federal programs, created without a commitment to long-term funding, will ultimately be borne entirely by the provinces and territoriesThis will have an impact, according to their opinion[augmenter] Financial pressures on taxpayers.

The prime ministers are discussing, among other things, the various budget measures proposed by Ottawa regarding housing, because this responsibility falls on their shoulders, even if Justin Trudeau has made numerous announcements on this topic in recent weeks.

Instead of introducing new programs, Ottawa should do just that Taking into account the effects of population growth on housing demand, in particular by working on the large number of asylum seekers in some provinces and territories“, confirms the Council.

Quebec, in particular, has been in a confrontation with the federal government for months with the aim of convincing it to stop the flow of immigrants who end up in the province and to obtain financial compensation for the services provided to them.

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François Legault gave Justin Trudeau until June 30 to respond positively to his requests. He warned that if this did not happen, his government might organize a sectoral referendum on this issue.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Quebec counterpart François Legault met face-to-face on March 15 in Montreal.

Photo: The Canadian Press/Christine Muschi

When called to respond a few hours later during a news conference in Victoria, British Columbia, Mr. Trudeau said he was convinced he was acting in the right way though. Governorate governorates […] Resist and repel Federal aid.

When I hear counties get angry because we're signing agreements with big cities and because we're putting money in their coffers so they can increase density, build housing more quickly and invest in affordability, I know this is what needs to happen.He said.

Mr. Trudeau also confirmed that He prefers Working in cooperation with the governorates, but he will not hesitate to do so Get down if it is necessary.

I always do so in accordance with the Constitution, but my first responsibility is to ensure that all Canadians have a bright futureHe said.

With information from The Canadian Press