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Prince Harry returns to England, but is forced to miss the best event

Prince Harry returns to England, but is forced to miss the best event

This Saturday, Saturday, June 26, Prince Harry will not be able to go to Armed Forces Day led by his aunt Princess Anne. Back in the UK, Elizabeth II’s grandson had to respect her isolation.

This Saturday marks a special day in the UK on June 26th. This is the day to pay tribute to the Armed Forces, where the British Crown honors the action and memory of the Army. Led by Princess Anne, this special occasion was also discontinued Lack of size. Isolation in Frogmore Cottage, Prince Harry did not make this trip In Staffordshire, while lunch was taking place, he was forced to isolate himself for five days. At the National Memorial Campaign in Staffordshire, Princess Anne invited about 100 people who worked to support the country During Govit-19 infection. She was accompanied by her husband, Vice Admiral Sir Tim Lawrence.

On his return to England, Prince Harry stayed His former residence in Windsor, In which he lived with Megan Markle before he was deported to California. Diana’s son will arrive at Kensington Palace on July 1st Unveiling of his mother’s statue, Disappeared under the Alma Bridge in Paris in 1997. Last February, Elizabeth II’s grandson was officially abandoned His military titles, Especially the Captain General of the Royal Marines. The title already went to Princess Annie associated with 65 military organizations.

Recall in a small group

The tribute to Diana will take place in a special atmosphere. Once he is isolated, Prince Harry can be found Members of the royal family, Beginning with his father Prince Charles and his brother William. Despite the tensions, Diana will have to find her two sons Common place on the guest list Statue Unveiling Ceremony, Kensington Palace Garden. In fact, Covid is indebted to the fact that these memoirs do not combine all the lessons for his majesty, but only a select hundred guests. Megan Markle stayed in Santa Barbara His two children, Her husband presents himself only to his family. This is the first time Archie and Lilliput’s father have reunited with the royal family since Prince Philip’s funeral last April.

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