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Prince Harry: Money still can’t buy him when he comes to England

There are precious things. Others are simply inaccessible to Prince Harry. We explain everything to you!

  • Prince Harry does not enjoy police protection in England as he has resigned from his duties within the royal family.
  • The Home Office denies the ability to provide this protection when he travels to the UK.
  • Prince Harry has taken legal action to claim his rights.

If he makes a detour to Westminster Abbey to attend his father’s coronation on May 6,He is a prince Harry No longer welcome at Buckingham Palace. The company has not focused much on Sussex since “Megxit” in January 2020. As a reminder, the couple gave up most of their public duties and announced that they would gain financial independence by moving with him to America. The titles of duke and duchess are the only mementoes in England. A strong gesture by the Prince of Wales’ little brother who has yet to consider all the ramifications…

The royal rift between Harry and his family is now playing out overtime at court. Harry The Royal and Specialist Protection Command (RASP) is trying very hard to claim its right to benefit from protection. During his tour in England. A “minor” state benefit that he no longer enjoys since his exile in the United States. only, The Home Office cannot give him any police protection. A legal representative for the Duke of Sussex says his client and his family were the targets of the threats. “Extremists and Neo-Nazis” In the UK, it precludes consideration of repatriation. The new legal action risks uproar at Buckingham Palace, where we are still reeling from the Prince Andrew sexual assault trial.

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Can Harry win?

England will always be the Prince’s home Harry And the country where he wants his wife and children to be safe.”, Charles’ son’s representative said in a press release addressed to the Press Association (PA), the British equivalent of AFP. A legal action motivated by the fact that little Lilibet, seven months old, has yet to meet her grandfather. “Prince Harry inherited a lifelong security risk at birth. He is sixth in line to the throne, has served two combat missions in Afghanistan and his family has been subject to extremist and neo-Nazi threats in recent years.“, recalled the spokesman for Sussex. On the London side, the government reports that. Personal Police Security System “Harsh and Proportionate”Without further describing the device in question.

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