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Preview: Diablo IV – Demonic God Open Beta

We managed to spend a few hours chasing Lilith in Diablo IV’s open beta, and if we encountered some connection setbacks the first few times (long queues, a drop in the middle of a single-player game that takes you back to the home screen, the obvious loss of character…), The sequel marks a more beautiful, accessible, bloody, and addictive game than its predecessors.

Diablo 4 will likely be quite similar to its predecessors and will easily suit many players who have come to expect it. The skill system is better explained and more linear than previous games, and gear customization is always rewarding, especially with tons of gear to collect.

While the gameplay is solid, the game is still online, hovering like the ghost of Diablo III (which had a disastrous launch, the fault of the servers being poorly prepared for streaming players), and we quite frankly hope that Blizzard will. Make the post necessary this time for release.

The campaign narrative and cutscenes are fantastic, the premise is surprisingly violent, somewhat reminiscent of a Hellraiser atmosphere, with the bloody birth as the body of Lilith, this version’s main antagonist.

But the game is designed as an online service that has its advantages and disadvantages. Playing with friends online provides more fun experiences, but you risk quickly shooting your mouse or gamepad buttons from getting your spells and skills excited! but,