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Pierre-Luc Dubois trade could cost Rob Blake job

Pierre-Luc Dubois trade could cost Rob Blake job

Last summer, it was the Los Angeles Kings that ultimately won the derby Pierre-Luc Duboisahead of the Montreal Canadiens and Boston Bruins in the race.

In the end, the Kings agreed to award the young forwards Gabe Velardi, Alex Yafalo And Rasmus Kubari Plus a second-round pick in 2024 for the services of the coveted forward.

Not only did the Kings pay a lot to acquire him, but they then agreed to offer him an 8-year contract worth a total of $68 million, which is an average of $8.5 million per year.

But since the start of the season, Dubois has not performed at the desired level at all, as he has only 21 points in 50 games. In comparison, only Vilardi has as many points as Dubois (20) In about half of the matches (31).

While the Kings were racing at a fast pace early in the season, it was more difficult to criticize. On the other hand, the team suddenly fell into an unprecedented descent into hell for several weeks and nothing was working anymore, to the point where we had to fire the head coach. Todd McLellan last week.

Now that things continue to not work, the GM Rob Blake He is being targeted and his takeover of DuBois may be what ultimately costs him his job.

When asked about this, the key person admitted that he is well aware of the situation and fully understands the consequences that will come if the team does not start winning quickly.

In their last game, the Kings collapsed and got slaughtered 7-0 by the Buffalo Sabres.

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They finished first in the top flight a few months ago, but now they are in danger of missing out on the playoffs. If that's the case, things could take shape in the coming weeks in Los Angeles.