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Photo – Prince Harry relaxed: this kind gesture during the flight back to America

Photo – Prince Harry relaxed: this kind gesture during the flight back to America

A gentle focus. This Monday, June 5, Prince Harry arrived in London to testify at the High Court in London, testifying in his case against the Mirror Group newspapers.r used illegal methods to obtain information about his personal life. But the stay in London had already come to an end for the Duke of Sussex, who “Flirted with a beauty“During his trial, he returned to the plane to find his wife and two children on Thursday, June 8. And we can say, Meghan’s partner seemed to be in a very good mood. Evidence? An American Airlines employee on duty during the flight took time to take a photo with Holden.

The latter specifically posted the snapshot on Instagram. “Prince of Travelers”He wrote to come along The photo shows Prince Harry looking more smiling than ever. But that’s not all! The son of King Charles III also presented the maid with a small gift. In another post on Instagram Story this Friday, June 9, Holden posted: change Left him a copy of his book. I found this in my luggage given by a passengerHe wrote to illustrate the book’s photography.

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Prince Harry: All the women in his life

Prince Harry: More isolated than ever

During his stay in London, Prince Harry was far from his partner and two children, seemed particularly isolated. Because, yes, even though the Duke of Sussex is geographically close to the royals, they don’t rub shoulders as he stays at Frogmore Cottage. effect, Deputy Meghan Markle Couldn’t even talk to my father, who traveled alone to Romania on Monday, June 5. The following day, the 74-year-old sovereign is expected to attend a concert at St James’s Roman Catholic Church in London.

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