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Ozy's media platform is disappearing under the weight of the staggering lies of its leaders

Ozy’s media platform is disappearing under the weight of the staggering lies of its leaders

New York | US media platform Ozy will cease operations after revelations of incredible lies by its leaders in an attempt to lure investors.

Agence France-Presse requested that neither Ozzy, nor its managing director, Carlos Watson, followed up after the announcement of the cessation of activity by the board of directors, as many US media reported Friday.

Launched by journalist and entrepreneur Carlos Watson, star of a news channel, in 2013, Ozy has received support from figures such as Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, and Google’s legal chief.

According to Crunchbase, Ozy Media has raised, in total, about $70 million from investors.

The platform was intended to be a mixture of articles, podcasts, and videos featuring informative and entertaining content, like many other media that have originated on the Internet, such as BuzzFeed and Refinery29.

But, according to a survey he did The New York Times Posted Sunday, it appears that the company’s leaders have voluntarily inflated the number of visits to the platform and views on other sites, primarily YouTube.

During a conference call last February with representatives of Goldman Sachs, which planned to invest $40 million in Ozy’s capital, Samir Rao, co-founder and number two of the company, spoke until he passed away as YouTube chief, the newspaper. She said.

Speaking to the bankers with this fake identity, Sameer Rao explained that Ozy has been a hit on YouTube in terms of video views and ad revenue.

Goldman Sachs envoys quickly discovered the trick, and Carlos Watson apologized to the bank.

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Ozzy also presented his talk show Carlos Watson Show, It was launched in 2020, as the “first Amazon Prime talk show”, Amazon’s video platform, without the approval of the Seattle giant, and while the show has not been promoted or funded by Amazon.

In addition, Ozy was able to welcome a string of distinguished guests to the show, after it was confirmed that it would soon be broadcast on the American cable channel A&E, while no agreement was reached.