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Opening of a new “digital public space” on Beauvechain: “The digitalization of public services should serve citizens and simplify their lives”

Opening of a new “digital public space” on Beauvechain: “The digitalization of public services should serve citizens and simplify their lives”

The digital public space was inaugurated on Wednesday, October 4, in the presence of the Minister of State for Digitization, Mathieu Michel. This space targets all citizens who want to immerse themselves in the digital world. It is estimated that 39% of the Belgian population does not enjoy digital independence, and therefore suffers from what is known as the digital divide.

EPN aims to alleviate these disparities by providing introductory training and free access to everyone, regardless of age or skill level, to equipped computers and an Internet connection. “Ensuring the digital development of our municipality, in line with the development of society, was a goal that the College set for itself at the beginning of its mandate. Thanks to the financial support provided by Wallonia via the on-demand tax for tower projects but also from the Walloon-Brabant Province, Beauvechain’s EPN was able to see daylight” Benjamin Joyce, local councilor for digital transformation, identifies.

EPN is designed as a place of digital discovery, learning and exploration thanks to the expertise of its director Christophe Huguet. It provides free access to 10 equipped computers and a high-speed Internet connection, allowing Beauvechain residents to gain essential skills to confidently navigate the virtual world.

“Communicating with your loved ones via a digital device, managing administrative documents, online banking, an email address, sharing photos or just finding information independently are all examples of what an EPN can do for you.”“, explains the host. Visitors will have the opportunity to participate in interactive workshops, gain office skills, learn about online safety, etc.

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“EPN is a major asset to our community, providing opportunities for learning and personal development. We encourage all citizens to explore this exciting digital space and seize the opportunities it offers.”Mayor Carol Guyot is thrilled.

Public digital writers in the municipality

Mathieu Michel also officially introduced the Connectoo brand to EPN. In fact, FPS Strategy and Support developed a patented Connectoo to broadly train government officials at all levels of authority in addressing the challenges of digital inclusion and citizen support. In the EPN as in the municipality of Beauvechain, citizens can now find public digital writers.

“Previously, within departments, there were general clerks who helped citizens carry out their administrative procedures, complete forms, etc. The digitalization of public services should serve the citizen and simplify his life, so it was necessary to provide spaces where they could find the right place.” Support their administrative procedures online.”

In practice, the EPN is open on Wednesdays from 1pm to 8pm, on Thursdays from 8:30am to 12:30pm, and from 1pm to 5pm. Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., 7 rue de Letang in Noudebes. 0497/58.59.10