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Nuclear submarines |  Trump shared confidential information with an Australian billionaire

Nuclear submarines | Trump shared confidential information with an Australian billionaire

(Washington) Donald Trump shared classified information about US nuclear submarines with an Australian businessman shortly after leaving the White House, ABC News and The New York Times.

The scene took place in April 2021 at the former president’s residence in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, a club to which Australian Anthony Pratt also belongs, according to what the media reported, citing unidentified sources.

The billionaire, who runs one of the world’s largest cardboard packaging companies, shared this information with dozens of other people: at least 45 people according to ABC News, including his company’s employees, reporters, and reporters. Ministers.

According to the media, Mr. Pratt was interviewed on this topic by federal investigators working on the file of the alleged negligent management by Donald Trump of dozens of secret documents after his departure from the White House, in which the former president was accused and the president will be tried in May 2024 in Florida.

According to these same sources, Mr. Trump’s exchanges with this businessman could endanger the American nuclear fleet.

The former president, who told his interlocutor that Australia should buy American submarines, revealed the number of nuclear warheads that these devices usually carry and how far they can approach their Russian counterparts without being able to detect them, according to what the media reported.

ABC News specifies that during his interviews with federal investigators, Anthony Pratt indicated that he did not know whether Donald Trump was being serious or bragging, but investigators asked him not to repeat this information, indicating that it may be very sensitive. Quoted in public.

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