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North Korea launches “cruise missiles” in the Yellow Sea

North Korea launches “cruise missiles” in the Yellow Sea

(Seoul) The Joint Chiefs of Staff in Seoul said Saturday that North Korea launched “several cruise missiles” in the Yellow Sea between the Korean Peninsula and China.

The shooting took place around 4 a.m. local time (3 p.m. EST on Friday), according to the same source. These missiles come three days after two ballistic missiles were launched, this time in the Sea of ​​Japan, on the opposite east coast.[heuredel’Est)vendredi)selonlamêmesourceIlssurviennenttroisjoursaprèsceuxdedeuxmissilesbalistiquescettefoisenmerduJaponsurlacôteestopposée[heuredel’Est)vendredi)selonlamêmesourceIlssurviennenttroisjoursaprèsceuxdedeuxmissilesbalistiquescettefoisenmerduJaponsurlacôteestopposée

“South Korean and US intelligence analyzes the launches while watching for signs of additional activity,” the South Korean military added.

This new military test also comes two days after Pyongyang announced that stopping a US nuclear submarine in South Korea may be “subject to the terms of use” of its atomic weapons.

The threats were responded to by Seoul the next day, asserting that any such attack would trigger a response that would lead to the “end” of Kim Jong-un’s regime.

The North Korean leader called his country’s status as a nuclear power in 2022 “irreversible” and called for strengthening its arsenal, particularly in tactical nuclear weapons.

The latest cruise missile launches come as US soldier Travis King entered North Korea from the South on Tuesday and is likely to be detained by authorities there, according to the US military.

The soldier, who was serving a prison sentence in South Korea for assault, was forced to return to the United States to face disciplinary penalties. North Korea had not given any news of him to Washington on Thursday, and the US military said it was “extremely concerned” about Travis King’s fate and “how it might be dealt with.”

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The leaders of South Korea, America and Japan are scheduled to meet in August in the United States to strengthen their cooperation in the face of growing threats from Pyongyang.

During the same month, Washington and Seoul are set to begin their major annual joint military exercise, dubbed Ulchi Freedom Shield.

North Korea looks at these exercises very badly, as it sees them as training to invade its territory.