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Netflix about to lose one of its religious series? The platform reacts

In Netflix, there are two categories of series: original series produced by the platform such as WednesdayAnd the Weird things where The Bridgerton Chronicle And the series whose rights the platform buys. Among this second category, there are many cult series like friendsAnd the The Big Bang Theory or Brooklyn Nine-Nine. But rights can sometimes expire, much to subscribers’ dismay. This will be the case with gossip girl Who will leave the catalog. A news that upset many fans of the cult series that was due for a reboot.

>>”Really a disaster“,”Unbearable: This new series got the worst rating in Netflix history, it hurts! <

It also seems that another cult series that is very popular with netizens is in danger of leaving soon. Over the past few days, subscribers who were in the middle of watching (or rewatching) noticed a message, announcing The beginning of the show on the first of January next. This is a comedy the deskIt consists of 9 seasons. The prospect of seeing her leave Netflix has some netizens panicked…but what is it really?

Netflix responds to fans worried about Departure the desk

If you are one of those who were worried about the deskWell, we do have good news: the series isn’t leaving Netflix! In a tweet posted on Wednesday, December 28, 2022, the platform reassured everyone: The Adventures of Dunder Mifflin Employees will still be available in 2023.”Contrary to what was advertised on the platform, The Office (USA) is still on Netflix after December 31st! We’ll still be able to do that for a while…“Can we read in the message.

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