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Mary Solly Dion went red, and the result is absolutely stunning

Mary Solly Dion went red, and the result is absolutely stunning

Mary Solly Dion said goodbye to her blonde hair!

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On Instagram, Tuesday morning, the actress and host revealed that she’s now wearing a mane of fire!

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“Don’t take the leap,” she simply wrote the message we can see recently at the top of the show. He’s a humanto Télé-Québec, as a comment.

Published later a a storyprominently showing his new face.

The color was created by hairstylist Martin Allary, based at Salon Pure in Montreal, who has been taking care of Valerie Roberts’ hair, among other things, for several years.

In the comments under Marie Soleil’s post, many of her subscribers and friends indicated how suitable this new shade was for her!

The story doesn’t say whether a hair change is necessary for a future role, as it has been for Karen Vanas and Rosalie Vilancourt in the past few months, or if she simply wants a little change. Either way, we love it!

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