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Marco Rubio, a potential vice presidential candidate?

Marco Rubio, a potential vice presidential candidate?

A look at the calendar confirms this: April 1 is still more than a week away. And yet, NBC News Teach us That Marco Rubio is now part of Donald Trump's list of potential running mates. Yes, “Little Marco,” the Florida senator who was often mocked by the former president in the past and whose hard-line approach to foreign policy represents the exact opposite of his isolationist tendencies.

But Trump's clear seriousness toward Rubio, 52, […] “It suggests its priorities and presents an interesting set of potential complexities,” notes NBC News, which specifies that it gets its information from six different sources. “Rubio is young and interesting, has been in federal office longer than Vice President Kamala Harris, and while Trump is optimistic about his chances of winning over Latino voters, he will be the first non-white person to hold the position.” From the Republican presidential ticket. »

One complication that NBC News points out is constitutional. The Constitution prohibits voters from voting to choose a president and vice president from their state. In 2000, Dick Cheney, who was living in Texas, solved the problem by changing his official address to Wyoming, the state for which he had represented for several years and where he had a second home.

Some gossips believe that adding Rubio to Trump's list of potential nominees is just another way to humiliate Ron DeSantis. During a speech in Ohio last week, the former president bragged about “attacking” the Florida governor “As we did with ISIS”.

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