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Marcel Hessa makes his debut as a professional boxer

Marcel Hessa makes his debut as a professional boxer

Brothers Marian (44) and Marcel (42) Hossa remain in good shape even after their hockey careers end.

They have been practicing amateur boxing for over 3 years and also have a personal trainer. The youngest, Marcel, just started in the pros and won his first fight.

In an interview with a Slovak media a few years ago, they talked about their new passion.

I don’t like hockey right now, and I’ve hardly worn any shoes this year. For some time now, my brother Marcel and I have been boxing. I thought I wanted to try something different, because during my hockey career, I had never boxed as part of my preparation. We really enjoyed it, it’s great for fitness and abs,

-Marianne Hessa

My brother came up with this idea and I’m happy to learn something new. This sport is great for cardio, and we both really enjoy it. I’m already starting to use my legs, and I’m already kicking, but we still have a lot to learn and improve.

-Marcel Hessa

This dates back a few years and since then they have clearly progressed, especially Marcel who, as mentioned above, participates in pro fights and has just won his first win.

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