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Manak risks losing foreign workers

Manak risks losing foreign workers

Many of Manak’s 200 foreign workers worry about their future as Boss is under investigation and the federal government suspends its work permit applications.

“We need to find a solution as soon as possible to continue our lives in Quebec,” said foreign worker Alexander Venegas, who came to work in Canada as a welder two years ago.

Like many others, he may be forced to return to his home country next month if his work permit is not extended by then.

“I just bought a house because I intend to stay here with my family in Quebec for a long time,” Mr. Venegas explained.

The problem is that the federal government halted work permit applications last March because Manac is under investigation by Service Canada after complaints allegedly from former employees.

When asked if he knew why Service Canada was investigating, company president Charles Dutel replied: “For confidentiality, we really have very few details. We’re trying to find out what the situations are.” […]. We generally remain unanswered.”

About 200 foreign workers work in Manac in Saint-Georges. The company is seeking answers from the federal government.

“If there’s something wrong with Manac, we want to know about it. […] There is such a comment to finish the investigation. We are affecting a lot of people’s lives right now.

The head of the tractor and trailer company is hoping to get early word from Service Canada about the investigation so he knows what to tell his employees.

“As a business owner, we can manage not to really affect our production. […] “But we do have people who left their country to improve their lives and found themselves literally being held hostage,” Mr. Dutel said.

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I called TVA Nouvelles, Service Canada did not provide an answer today.