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Major projects worth pursuing in 2024

Major projects worth pursuing in 2024


The cost of the Fleur-de-Lys shopping center transformation project was initially estimated at $750 million, and is now estimated at $1.5 billion. Funded entirely with private funds.

When the project is completed, the area will contain 3,500 residential units, a hotel in a 20-story building, a shopping center, and commercial streets lined with wooded parks.

Construction work is currently underway on the first building. This will include 480 housing units of different sizes. The first residential units are scheduled to be delivered in early 2025.

The project is managed by Trudel, which owns a $750 million asset portfolio that includes Fleur de Lys, Galeries Charlesbourg, Place des Quatre-Bourgeois and Îlot Dorchester. The company has conversion and construction projects in the pipeline exceeding $2.5 billion.

Davie Shipyard

Davie Shipyard will modernize its facilities. Last year, on the same date, it was expected to announce the inclusion of Lévis in the National Shipbuilding Strategy (SNCN).

Now that the announcement is official in April 2023, Davey can get to work. “With all the associated costs, it represents an investment of $840 million,” said Marcel Poulin, director of external and industrial affairs at Davy. The latter confirms that the tender process is underway.

Recall that the Quebec government announced an investment of $519 million to carry out these modernization works. These will be necessary for the construction of the Polar Icebreaker and six other ships in the context of the SNCN.

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Construction site of the new University of Quebec Laval hospital complex, in December 2023.

University Hospital Complex in New Quebec City – Laval University

In this long-term project, some developments occurred in 2023. First, the construction of the cyclotron, which is necessary for the production of medical radioisotopes, was completed in the last quarter of 2023.

Work continues on the construction of the central part of the new hospital complex, which is the critical care building. The project is scheduled to be completed in 2026. Meanwhile, the new D Wing that will connect the Enfant-Jésus Hospital to the new buildings will be delivered in June 2024.

The total budget of this project, announced in 2013, was estimated at $2.24 billion, distributed from 2017 to 2026. After that, more than a third of the existing Enfant-Jésus Hospital will be renovated. This latest project should be completed in 2029.

In Quebec

Quebec City plans to invest approximately $1.3 billion in its infrastructure and equipment, 31.7% of which will be financed through loans. These projects aim to “provide high-quality municipal services and maintain public equipment and infrastructure in good condition,” according to the 2024-2033 ten-year capital expenditure program.

Amounts of this amount will be allocated to finance projects to electrify the capital’s transportation network, as well as engineering projects, including rehabilitation and repair of roads, repair and maintenance of road works, art works, water and sanitation.

Le Fitz real estate project on Président-Kennedy Road, in Lévis

In Levis

There are several residential and industrial projects underway in Lévis. Let us mention the Cocité project, the Fitz apartments or the Medway in San Nicola on the residential side. Divi (read above), QScale, Microsoft, and Rabaska.

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However, the city of Lévis was not excluded from its municipal projects. Starting in the spring, work will resume on Guillaume-Couture Boulevard in the Desjardins and Saint-Romuald sectors. It is a project to rehabilitate the artery to encourage mass and active transportation on it.

Construction of the multi-functional building in January 2022, which will combine legal affairs, municipal court and police station, began in the fall. A music and dance headquarters will also be built at the Levis Cultural Center at a cost of $21.8 million. The work, which began two years ago, is scheduled to be completed by winter 2025 at the latest.

Finally, the Pointe Benson Park development, which began last summer, is scheduled to be completed in early 2025. The total cost of the project is $17.5 million.