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Maglev, Hyperloop… Discovering the trains of the future


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J Van Hove, F. Bovartigue, A. Florent – France 2

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The trains of the future could carry passengers across France at speeds of more than 500 km/h. SNCF just signed a cooperation agreement on a new technology.

A model with a futuristic look, which perhaps foreshadows the trains of tomorrow. In front of the press, a Polish startup has presented a 100% autonomous train, using magnetic levitation technology. The train floats a few centimeters above the tracks, thanks to a strong magnetic field created by magnets placed under the train and on the tracks. It can drive more than 500 km/h. SNCF has asked the startup for feasibility studies.

In Japan, the train will soon cover 246 km in 40 minutes

“It is a promising technology, as it can be rapidly deployed on existing infrastructure without the need to build new routes. It will allow more passengers on board, more cargo, and will reduce maintenance costs.”analyzes Arnaud AymĂ©, transportation specialist at SIA Partners.

The Japanese Maglev Train is also powered by magnetic force. It is the fastest in the world, reaching speeds of up to 500 km / h. The system was approved in 2009. In 2027, it should connect Tokyo and Nagoya (Japan), located at a distance of 246 km, in 40 minutes. Finally, tubes kept under vacuum in the Hyperloop will make it possible to reach even higher speeds, at 1,000 km/h.