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“Loneliness epidemic”: “Social60” campaign launched to promote social interaction in Australia

“Loneliness epidemic”: “Social60” campaign launched to promote social interaction in Australia

A dangerous epidemic is growing in Australia Loneliness Officials are running an encouraging campaign Face-to-face social interactionswith Aim for at least 60 minutes a day. The Young people are particularly affectedAlmost withOne in three feel alone. In France, nearly 7 million French people suffer from loneliness, according to the Fondation de France.

Contrary to popular belief, theDigital expertise does not seem to protect against this scourge. Fiona Kerr, neurologist, highlights The importance of physical contact to combat loneliness, Despite ubiquitous technology. A The study reveals That More than 70% of Australians spend less than 60 minutes a day in face-to-face social contact, with nearly 20% having no face-to-face contact.

Faced with this reality, a campaign “Social60” was launched, encouraging meaningful social interactions every day. Dr. Kerr highlights the positive impact of simple one-on-one discussions on mental health. however, Social stigma is a major barrier, with many individuals actively hiding their loneliness. The campaign aims to change this culture by reminding us that humans are naturally designed for social interaction and encouraging everyone to look up, smile and say hello.

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