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London police on high alert after contractor cyber attack

London police on high alert after contractor cyber attack

After Information from the Bern police in Switzerland has been leaked And the police in Northern Ireland, it turns out custody of London. On Sunday, law enforcement officials in the capital announced “unauthorized access to the computer system of one of its suppliers” and were taking security measures after the breach. Security Data.

The hacked company had names, positions, photos, salary scales and control of police officers and teams in its databases. However, the police point out that this sub-contractor does not have the addresses, phone numbers or financial data of its agents.

Police “incredibly concerned”

Newspaper the sun reported on Sunday” Cybercriminals The computer systems of a company that prints ID cards and passes for the London Police, England’s largest police force, were hacked. Scotland Yard He clarified that investigators are now working with the company to see if there was any breach in the security of its data.

According to one of its spokespersons, it is not known when the hack occurred or how many employees may have been affected. “Security measures have been taken…following this report,” the police force added in a statement.

The Metropolitan Police Association, which represents grassroots policing, said the security breach could cause “incredible anxiety and anger” among officers. “We share this rebellious spirit […] This is a shocking security breach that should never have happened,” said Vice President Rick Pryor.

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