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Lézignan-Corbières: 100% Aude creativity in the Corbières cultural space

Lézignan-Corbières: 100% Aude creativity in the Corbières cultural space

The latest creation of the Théâtre de l'Hyménée “So suddenly…” will be presented at the Espace Culturelle des Corbières on Sunday 25 February at 5 pm: an original and 100% creation of Aude accessible from 12 years of age, of which there are still a few remaining places.

“okay then…”, This little sentence that gave The title of the new theatrical creation of the Lagrassienne company the The Hyménée Theater returns like a series of monologues from a 90-year-old man in the year 2060, in what… The world after. Locked in a safe roomOh the constant surveillance, this “young man” who was 50 years old at the time 2020, it is Exposed to in A highly connected world To tell his life and memories. The world has changed a lot.. His thoughts about the state of the world are distributed among the books he opens quotes Excerpts, many happy memories that prompt him to talk about freedom, a value that disappears… In his story, He has no choice but to attack and transgress But andIn front of virtual spectators, avatars and other clones, he is called to order via electro-sensory discharge, DrOnce it goes too far.

Alone on stage

This performance is taken from an original text by Antoine Chabelo, in which the author and actor stands alone on stage in the role of the old man, with his old chair as his refuge, his books as lovers and a small suitcase, in which the objects of his entire life are held. Still brave, angry and rebellious, returning to technological and scientific progress, the end of biodiversity and climate change, the text has undergone constant modifications to talk about today, between pandemics and a dying world, but also humor and hope in a dying world. A calm, balanced and shared future. Aging, the end of life, and the relationship between overpopulation and over-consumption are also themes that preoccupy this character. He has anger and above all a good dose of self-deprecation.

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100% local production

This new creation for the Théâtre de l'Hyménée is the culmination of four residencies, the last of which was this week At the Espace Culturelle des Corbières, which presents the first presentation of this Sunday 25 February 17 hours. This artistic project, intended for the general public aged 12 years and above, was implemented by a team of six artists* and with the support of the Audi Administration and the City of Lagrasse; It is the result of several co-productions, with the venues in which the company has been hosted: the Cultural Service of the Lesignan Municipal Community in the Cultural Space de Corbières (in March 2022 and currently), Carcassonne Aglou in the Le Chai Cultural Space (in September 2022) and the Grand Roc Theater in Carbone (in In May 2023).

About company

Since 1999, the Théâtre de l'Hyménée has been developing theater in a participatory spirit by bringing the voices of individual authors to the stage, favoring a universal poetic axis, in order to “To convey multiplicity, to express another reality, to make it felt, to arouse feelings, to awaken ideas“. For more than 20 years, the company has been established in the Audi region, where it disseminates its cultural and artistic work through the creation and dissemination of its performances (about fifteen between 2001 and 2020), mediation works, workshops, and artistic practices for all ages, and interventions in schools. , etc. in cooperation with local institutional partners.