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LECB: Will the Montreal Alliance be sold soon?

LECB: Will the Montreal Alliance be sold soon?

The Montreal Alliance could soon have a sole owner.

Pass on a group of 5 to 7 At the RDS on Thursday, president Annie LaRoche confirmed that several investors have come forward to buy the franchise currently owned by the association.

But according to Ms. Laroche, there is no pressure to transfer the team’s interests into the hands of the new owners.

“The league is not necessarily ready to sell the team. With two seasons to go, there are people who are interested and we will start looking at offers, but we are not in a rush. »

Her presidency of the team was confirmed in August, and Madame Laroche admitted that she had to request two exemptions from the league, after reaching the maximum number of transfers, to make changes to the formation of the alliance, which ended its season with seven wins in 20 matches, decimated by injuries in 2023.

“We haven’t been downgraded, which means the fans see the potential and continue to support us. We weren’t far behind, but we know Montreal doesn’t like losers. »

Madame Laroche is already anticipating the third season with great optimism, especially since Montreal will host the league championship, which will guarantee the alliance’s presence among the top four teams in the league in August 2024. She intends to take advantage of this week of celebrations to organize it. Basketball party.

He added: We will be part of the section finals on Friday evening, and I am confident that we will perform well to find ourselves in the final on Sunday. »

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The future of basketball currently rests on solid foundations in Montreal. Madame Laroche also revealed that the number of subscriptions sold for next season is higher than last year.