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Labastide Roero.  Social Living Space: A New Tailoring Trend

Labastide Roero. Social Living Space: A New Tailoring Trend

Nathaëlle de las Nieves knows and knows how to deal with homelessness and connect with people. In fact, that’s what she’s been doing since 2014 on her mobile sewing truck after training adults in sewing. The forty-year-old will add new functions to her sewing activities from January 2, 2024: animation and coordination of the itinerant social life space (EVS) “L’Entr’Actes”, supported by the Thoré community in the Montenegrin communes. “I often found myself faced with difficult customer situations. I wondered how I could help them.” She explained. For this Alpine resident, born in Nîmes, this is somewhat of a return to her roots, as her primary training and experience is social and family economics. Through EVS, this is what Nathaëlle will do in collaboration with associations, partners and institutions (social workers, etc.). Its first task will be to identify what exists. His desire is “not to do instead of”, “to create if necessary”, by “drawing on the projects of the people he meets”. In fact, Nathel never really strays away from her core activity, which is sewing: here too it’s about threads, sewing and weaving connections between everyone. The activity of the itinerant social life space “L’Entr’Actes” (EVS) will start next January in all the municipalities of the Thuri Valley, from Labastide-Roiro to Buttes-du-Pont-de-Larne.

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