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Keys to Wellbeing has opened up its own Zen space

Keys to Wellbeing has opened up its own Zen space

In the presence of Nathalie Nouri, the city’s mayor, and Soraya Bon, youth and community life assistant, Les Clés du bien-être has recently inaugurated its Espace zen.

Elegant decoration, new renovated room and Véronique and Stéphane Dupuy can resume their specialty again, after the clean cut imposed by covid, and the recovery that wanted to start from scratch in a new space, 3, place Clément-V.

Véronique Dupuy, specialist in Shiatsu, Level 3 and European Level 5, a natural and holistic system of Japanese origin based on touch, which follows energy meridians and uses traditional Chinese acupuncture points.

She has also mastered her skills in jin shin do (a technique that allows you to work on the great vessels), do fe (a technique for maintaining body flexibility, generally followed by guided meditation) and energy nutrition. (a) A set of nutritional advice given at the end of the session).

Stéphane Dupuy specialized in plantar reflexology up to the second level, manual work on the soles of the feet, which restores the balance of the whole body thanks to the reflex zones.

“We want to offer our specialties so that everyone can feel good in this place. We want to bring luxury to our customers and teach them to breathe again.”

Contact: Shiatsu on 07 83 80 68 34 and reflexology on 06 52 74 34 38.