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Kent Hughes should select Ivan Demidov to replace Mitchkov

Kent Hughes should select Ivan Demidov to replace Mitchkov

The Montreal Canadiens are at a crucial moment in their rebuild, and the 2024 draft could be the perfect opportunity to bolster the team's future by getting their hands on an exceptional talent, Ivan Demidov.

Experts and recruiters agree that Demidov is destined to be drafted among the top five prospects in this exceptional class.

Some specialists do not hesitate to make flattering comparisons between Demidov and famous players such as Matvey Myshkov, McLean Celebrini, and even Jack Hughes.

Demidov's attributes, especially his deft hands and incredible offensive talent, make him a must-have player who could make an immediate impact in the NHL.

The comparison with Myshkov, considered one of the best prospects in the world, underscores the greatness of Demidov's talent.

Some even claim that if Demidov were not a Russian citizen, he would undoubtedly have been the first pick in the draft alongside Celebrini.

Therefore, the need for the Canadian to do everything he can to get a top-five pick this year is crucial.

Montreal has a chance to redeem itself after not selecting Matvei Mechkov, opting instead to select defenseman David Reinbacher.

While the decision not to select Mechkov sparked controversy, getting your hands on Demidov could be a way to rectify the situation and ensure a promising future for the Canadian offense.

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In short, the Montreal Canadiens must go all out, explore trade options, and seek a top-five pick in the 2024 draft in order to secure the services of Ivan Demidov, a prodigy who could breathe new life into the energy of the team's offense. .