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Kent Hughes calls Canucks for Elias Pettersson: Elliott Friedman opens door

Kent Hughes calls Canucks for Elias Pettersson: Elliott Friedman opens door

There seems to be some buzz surrounding Elias Pettersson's contract status with the Vancouver Canucks. His refusal to sign a contract extension and rumors that several teams, including the Montreal Canadiens, have approached the Canucks to explore a trade next summer, are fueling speculation.

If Montreal were indeed interested in Pettersson, they would certainly be willing to make an insane offer for his services. Offering all the necessary draft picks, including a top-10 pick or even closer to a top-5 pick, could be an attractive offer for Vancouver, especially if Canucks management starts to feel uncertain about signing Peterson long-term.

The package deal would have to start with the highest first-round pick, Arber Xhekaj, and the Jets' first-round pick. But it will be far from enough.

The Canucks may also be reluctant to part with a talented young player like Pettersson, and may still be hoping to find contractual common ground with him before this summer. The situation could change quickly in the coming months, and it will be interesting to see how things play out for Peterson and the Canucks.

The advantage for Vancouver is that he only becomes a restricted free agent.

Elias Pettersson's contract saga with the Canucks continues to capture the attention of hockey fans and sports analysts as talks appear to be at a standstill between the young Swedish talent and the BC team.

Despite the Canucks' efforts to secure Peterson's long-term signature, even offering him $12 million per year over 8 years, negotiations stagnated, leaving a veil of uncertainty over the player's future within the organization.

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According to reports by insider journalist Elliott Friedman, several NHL teams have expressed interest in Peterson and have contacted the Canucks for a potential trade.

Among these suitors, the Montreal Canadiens particularly stood out, sparking speculation about the player's possible move to Quebec City.

The situation is even more worrying for Vancouver as the generous contract offers made to Peterson have yet to come to fruition. Despite a tempting offer of $12 million per year, the player appears determined to put off talks until the end of the season, leaving the Canucks unsure of his future with one of their rising stars.

The lengthy and unsuccessful talks have raised growing concerns among the Canucks fan base, who fear seeing their young prodigy moving forward. Rumors about a potential business venture exacerbated tensions and sparked wild speculation about Peterson's possible destination.

For the Montreal Canadiens, acquiring Peterson would represent a golden opportunity to bolster their roster with an elite-caliber player capable of making a significant contribution on the ice. Offering a bunch of draft picks, including a top-10 or even a top-5 pick, could be an enticing offer for the Canucks, who could maximize the return for a player who doesn't appear to be in a rush to commit to Vancouver for life.

Until he's signed…Kent Hughes has to try…