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Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton don’t split duties at CH

Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton don’t split duties at CH

When the Canadian fired Marc Bergevin at the end of November 2021, we sensed that Geoff Moulson wanted to change the structure of his organization’s hockey operations. The owner realized that the workload might be too much for one person, so he wanted to hire a management duo.

Jeff Gorton immediately took over as vice president of hockey operations, and a few months later, Kent Hughes joined him as general manager.

Nearly two years ago, there was a two-headed monster on top of the Hab. However, even after all this time, it was not clear what each man’s job description looked like.

However, during His interview with Alexander Pratt (Journalism)Gorton talked a bit about how it all works, and his response was a bit surprising: In fact, the two leaders don’t really divide tasks.

In fact, it happens in a more “natural” way: the two work collaboratively and play to each other’s strengths depending on the situation.

In fact, they both participate in each of the missions. This means that each of them has its nose in all the files and that it is not clearly demarcated.

Gorton, who is the owner of the new gouverneur adjoint the CH suite at Michael Andlauer’s office, has an example of a more concrete floor: it’s not the case that Kent Hughes discretely avec the DG autres for these transactions, for example. If Gorton has a good relationship with a general manager across the league, he’ll often be the one to take over, but if it’s Hughes who knows him a little better, the former agent will answer the phone.

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Essentially, it is the reality of each situation that determines who will be responsible for taking care of it. They both have an opinion, and are often both involved in the same issue, but who takes the lead can differ.

Despite everything, the fact remains that men still have certain files that they often take care of. For example, Gorton often weighs in on scouting upcoming draft prospects.

He talked a little about his philosophy regarding the project, as it specifically targets four qualities among young people.

But what we do understand is that the two leaders often work together. They communicate frequently and you feel that decisions are the result of a team effort between the two.

Communication is clearly important in Montreal’s hockey operations, as Jeff Gorton also reported that Martin St. Louis now has a direct line of communication with Christopher Boucher, who runs the advanced statistics department. The two men have spoken frequently to each other over the past few months and Boucher’s contribution now appears to be having an impact on the composition of the line-up.

It’s smooth, harmonious and adaptable to every situation: I really like the way the Hab is managed on a personal level.

In short, we will see if the results follow, but so far, we see that CH knows where he is going and the decision-making process seems to happen quite organically.

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Hopefully not dividing tasks won’t cause friction and tension in the long run, but…

a lot of

– He really hasn’t been impressed since the beginning of the camp.

– it’s good.

– Effective way. And with reports that the club is open to retaining three NHL goaltenders, he needs to capitalize on his opportunity.

– I like.

– They will need him in the playoffs (if they get there).