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United Kingdom: Charles III, Unloved Sovereign


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M. September, c. Madini, L. Choudrey, E. Picard – France Info

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Although he will be crowned king on May 6, Charles III is still far from unanimous among the British public, who are still struggling to mourn their late mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Admired by some and welcomed with open arms. He is ridiculed by others who do not hesitate to throw eggs at him. The crown had never been closer to Charles III, but after 70 years spent in the shadow of a beloved mother, English hearts were not won. On the streets of London (United Kingdom), opinions are measured. “None of that. Charles has our respect, but he’ll never have the love we have for the Queen. She’s earned it over the years.”Says a Briton. “For a twentysomething like me, there’s not much to say about him.”A young woman said.

“Not my king”

For now, Charles III’s popularity is far from that of Elizabeth II’s. 55% of opinion favors the new monarch, as opposed to 80% for the late queen, as it stands today. Ever since he ascended the throne, voices of discontent have been heard. Charles III, from the first days of his reign, has been reluctant on every foreign visit, with this cry of “Not my king” (“Not my king”). Far from his mother’s indomitable presence, Charles took advantage of her freedom of expression throughout his life, never hesitating to amplify the most outspoken stances, particularly on the environment.

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