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Jewish students asked to leave the university

Jewish students asked to leave the university

The Orthodox rabbi of Columbia University and Barnard College, two universities in New York State, sent a letter recommending that Jewish students leave campus for safety reasons.

According to Fox News, anti-Israel agitators continued to be present on campuses. In a WhatsApp message sent to a few hundred people, Rabbi Eli Buechler expressed his concern.

“The developments of these children's lives on Montré Claire said that the security publique of the University of Columbia and the New York police could not protect the security of the students who were exposed to extreme anti-semiticism and the anarchy,” he writes. . It pains me greatly to say that I strongly recommend that you go home as soon as possible and stay home until the situation in and around the campus improves significantly.

He added: “As Jews, it is not our job to keep ourselves safe, and no one should have to endure this amount of hatred.”

Anti-Israel camps still exist on campus, despite the police presence.

A video clip on the Internet showed demonstrators calling on Jewish students to return to Europe.

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