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Is Horacio Arruda really the right man for the job?

Is Horacio Arruda really the right man for the job?

Political analyst Emmanuel Latravers does not share Prime Minister Francois Legault’s opinion at all, who reiterated his confidence in Horacio Arruda on Thursday.

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An assertion worthy of discussion at least, as Emmanuel Latravers thinks.

“Mr. Arruda spent the fall saying that with the third dose, it was not necessary to start as quickly as many demanded. He looked at the rapid tests,” said the political analyst.

The latter does not understand how Francois Legault can defend Horacio Arruda in the current situation.

The question that arises is: Why have we come to this point? It’s very hard to understand that Mr. Dube says: “You know, hospitalization is good. We didn’t lose control. We knew we’d be where we are now. If we knew, why didn’t we move before?” Emmanuel Latravers asks.

She believes that due to certain situations of Mr. Arruda, Quebec finds itself more in a “reactive” mode and always seems to be one step behind.

For example, Ms. Latravers noted that 15% of Quebecers received their third dose, while it is double in Ontario, a province with less hospitalization than Quebec.

“Quebec is currently not doing very well in Canada,” she asserts.

To see the full analysis, watch the video above.

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