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Is Arber Xhekaj having difficulty paying its rent?

Is Arber Xhekaj having difficulty paying its rent?

The question that is burning social networks: Can Arber Shikaj pay his house rent?

This strange question recently surfaced on social media, creating a reflection on the financial reality of professional hockey players, even in the NHL.

Although the idea may seem surprising, it raises important considerations about players' salaries and the financial challenges they may face.

Arber Xhekaj's base salary as a defenseman for the Montreal Canadiens in the NHL is $775,000. (Not counting performance bonuses).

Dividing that over 180 days, that comes out to about $4,305 per day while in the NHL.

He receives his salary twice a month, or $64,575, and then faces significant deductions, including taxes, warranty and his obligations to the Players Association.

After all these deductions, it is estimated that Arber Shikaj collects about $32,000 a month in his bank account.

However, this amount does not only reflect his financial reality, as he must also cover various personal and professional expenses.

When playing in the AHL, Xhekaj's salary drops to $70,000, which equates to approximately $388 per day. He gets paid every two weeks, $5,833, and then gets about $3,500 twice a month after deductions.

Even while Arbor

Expenses, taxes and contractual obligations significantly reduce the net amount a player can actually keep.

This reflection on the financial stability of professional players highlights broader questions about the careful management of personal finances and the need to consider all aspects of salaries before making assumptions about the wealth of top athletes.

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