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Ingenuity, Stakhanovit's Martian drone, breaks his pipe: Zhao is an artist!  -Editing

Ingenuity, Stakhanovit's Martian drone, breaks his pipe: Zhao is an artist! -Editing


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Mars in the footsteps of robots issue

Upon its arrival at the Red Planet in February 2021, in the luggage of the Perseverance rover, this mini-helicopter has made more than 70 flights, exceeding initial expectations. Until the blade broke in January.

We end up believing that it is indestructible. Ingenuity, the small helicopter that NASA sent to Mars to see if we could take off on another planet, continues to surprise the world by performing flights without showing the slightest sign of fatigue. It was initially planned to make four or five passes in the Martian atmosphere, just enough to validate the idea. Ultimately, Ingenuity built the 72 within three years, before it broke its tube…well, the rotor.

The story of the Mars drone began in February 2021, when it arrived on the Red Planet in the luggage of the Perseverance rover. The largest portion of the American mission “Mars 2020” was posted on the astromobile’s laptops on the tail of a new mobile explorer on the Jezero screen, which has a high temperature on a Martin’s land, to understand what it means to develop the forms. from life. But moving by rolling on another planet is restricted: the surface is steep, often steep, and studded with sharp rocks. The spacecraft that preceded Perseverance, Curiosity, had a traumatic experience with this

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