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In Los Angeles: Business is the target of a group of thieves

In Los Angeles: Business is the target of a group of thieves

A group of 30 to 50 individuals described by authorities as a “criminal gang” targeted a Los Angeles business to steal luxury goods worth more than US$100,000 on Saturday afternoon.

The crimes were caught by security cameras at Nordstrom’s Topanga Mall facility in West Los Angeles around 4 p.m.

Videos released by the Los Angeles City Police Department show dozens of people wearing masks and masks, knocking on screens, and exiting the store in high-end clothing and handbags.

According to NBC News, the thugs used a mosquito repellent to subdue the security guards. The thieves reportedly fled in several cars, including a BMW.

On Sunday, Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass called the event “totally unacceptable.”

The Los Angeles Police Department said on Twitter that it would spare no effort to find the perpetrators.

“For those who live in the area and frequent the Topanga Mall, this is a loss of a sense of security,” the police said. We will do everything we can to find those responsible and bring them to justice.”

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