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That’s right, Lindsey Graham

That’s right, Lindsey Graham

The conservative news site Bulwark is excellent Podcast About the “corruption” of Lindsey Graham, this Republican senator from South Carolina who was once a member of the The harshest reviews Donald Trump before becoming one of his most servile advocates. I encourage you to listen to him to understand the Republicans’ decline since the election of the New York real estate developer, whose mafia-style methods have become almost the party methods of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan.

But we must give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar. Lindsey Graham spoke the truth Monday night on Fox News ahead of Donald Trump’s fourth indictment in a criminal case. The American people can decide whether or not they want him to be president. It should be determined at the ballot box,” he said, decrying Fulton County Attorney General Fanny Willis’ investigation into efforts by the former president and his allies to reverse the results of the 2020 presidential election in Georgia.

That’s right there, Lindsey Graham. If Donald Trump and his associates accepted the decision made by the voters who went to the polls in November 2020, the United States would not be there.

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