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In Australia, a referendum on Aboriginal recognition in the constitution

In Australia, a referendum on Aboriginal recognition in the constitution

A motion for this referendum was tabled Last year Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is hopeful that this constitutional change will be completed Redress the historical exclusion of Aboriginal peoples from parliamentary processes.

The referendum proposes the creation of a tribal representative body in Parliament itself.

Parliament and the Australian Government are obliged to consult him on issues directly affecting Aboriginal people such as Aboriginal title, social programs, employment, housing, culture and languages.

Australia’s indigenous peoples are currently not represented in the nation’s constitution, which was adopted in 1901.

This Constitution will bring us together as one nation so that we can take the hand that the First Peoples have long extended to us.said the Albanian Prime Minister.

For many tribes, having a voice in Parliament will be a historic opportunity.

We’ve been trying to listen for yearsKristie Watego, head of the Bundjalung nation, told Australian media ABC News. It is time that our work and our contributions are recognized.

From the opposition

However, the proposal for this referendum was not unanimous. The National Party of Australia is the main opponent and condemns Another layer of bureaucracy Also A Ethnic division.

According to party leader David Littlebrot, There are other solutions to reduce disparities.

For tribal leaders, the position of Nationals is a Contempt.

We will not be taught a lesson by nationalistssaid in an interview to Guardian Jeff Scott, National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples.

Nationals scored worst in reducing inequalityScott adds.

This has created a rift in the political system itself. Despite the National Party’s stance, some MPs are in favor of a referendum. This is the case of MP Andrew Gee, who has decided to stand as an independent to strongly support the scheme.

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Today’s National Party is very different from the party of my youth, the MP said in a statement shared on social media. The party’s opposition to tribal inclusion in Parliament now makes me stand up.

Political party leadership continues to ensure the unity of elected officials on this issue. The party’s stand cannot be changed in any case.

The poll should not be held earlier than August 2023 or later than November 2023.

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