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Ice baths are popular but not beneficial for everyone

Ice baths are popular but not beneficial for everyone

Many stars from Quebec and elsewhere are fans of ice baths. On social networks, more and more Internet users, famous or not, film themselves drowning in ice water.

What it does is an initial shock that is still very high. “What we have to do is manage our inspiration,” explains Xavier Couture, a fan of ice water baths, in an interview with TVA Nouvelles.

The latter adopted this practice six months ago and undergoes it almost every day.

“After that, I know I'll be more productive and more focused. I'll feel a lot better,” he says.

Dr. Mark Josselin, a specialist in sports and exercise medicine, points out that there is no accurate science about the benefits of these ice baths.

It is still suggested that this practice can reduce inflammation and help circulation.

“It has been used to treat some illnesses, such as major depression, so there are likely to be significant benefits in terms of mood and mental health,” Dr. Joslin notes.

Freezing swimming is aimed at people who are in good physical health. If you have heart disease, it is best to refrain from immersing yourself in ice water without consulting your doctor first.

“We can start gradually. Showers can be cold in the morning, for 30 seconds or a minute, and they may gravitate toward cold water exposure,” says Dr. Mark Josselin.

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