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I promise that OnePlus won't make the same mistakes with its next connected watch

I promise that OnePlus won't make the same mistakes with its next connected watch

After the disaster of the first OnePlus Watch, the Chinese manufacturer is preparing to launch its OnePlus Watch 2 and this time it promises to do things well.

OnePlus Watch 2 teases // Source: OnePlus

For months, rumors have persisted about a new connected watch from OnePlus. It must be said that the brand's first model, the OnePlus Watch, released in 2021, had a difficult time convincing, largely with its RTOS system that was limited to say the least in terms of functionality.

As many rumors have suggested in recent weeks, OnePlus has finally confirmed that it is working on a new connected watch. in The post is shared in the official forum From the brand, we can discover what looks like a new connected watch which should actually be the new OnePlus Watch 2.

Illustration titled “It's time to do it right!“, which can be translated as”It's time to do things right!“. A barely veiled reference to the first OnePlus Watch and the issues encountered, not only in terms of functionality – it didn't allow the installation of third-party apps – but also uses absent at launch – always-on display support which we didn't arrive until several weeks after the watch launched Through this image, OnePlus indicates that its new watch can correct the problems of the first version.

A watch that should benefit this time from Wear OS

It must be said that rumors that have emerged in recent weeks indicate that the watch will benefit from Google's Wear OS, which has already been adopted by Google, Samsung and Xiaomi. This system allows you to take advantage of many applications on the connected watch, but it is not without causing problems. The most important thing remains the much more limited autonomy than other watches, and this is exactly the reason that OnePlus gave in 2021 to justify its choice to use RTOS instead of Wear OS.

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Also note that the illustration shared by OnePlus also reveals a round display that should extend almost to the edges of the case. On the edge, the manufacturer also seems to have integrated two navigation buttons.

We still have to wait to learn more about the OnePlus Watch 2. At the moment, the manufacturer has not yet revealed when it plans to officially unveil it. However, with MWC opening next week, we can expect it to be launched during the Barcelona Mobility Expo.