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Hurricane Fiona: Quebec is no exception

Hurricane Fiona: Quebec is no exception

Classified as a Category 4 hurricane, Fiona has already swept through Guadeloupe, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, killing at least 10 people. It is currently continuing its amazing ascent towards Canada, propelled by winds of 210 km/h. Nova Scotia is particularly targeted by the dangers of receiving accumulations that can exceed 200 mm in places and are subject to gusts of more than 150 km/h.

Expected risks and impacts

Currently, NOAA expects Fiona to become a Category 2, when it makes landfall in Canada from Friday night through Saturday. If so, it would be the third time in history that a Category 2 hurricane has hit Nova Scotia. The last time Juan was in 2003.

Fiona 2

big effects

However, their effects can be significant: floods, flash floods and damage associated with the passage of strong gusts of winds up to 150 km / h are expected. Areas near water bodies will be particularly vulnerable to bad weather caused by waves.

Fiona 3

Risks of power outages

Iles-de-la-Madeleine is particularly affected by the potential for strong winds and storm surges that are likely to cause major power outages over the weekend. A low risk of experiencing such interruptions also applies to certain areas of Quebec.


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