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How to improve air quality at home

How to improve air quality at home

The “clean smell” in the home comes from contaminants found in chemical household products, which should be preferred over sanitary products. – Credit: Collanges/BSIP via AFP

toDuring the COVID-19 pandemic, the ventilation of our indoor spaces has gained the status of gesture and barrier devices Such as carbon dioxide detectors2 Air purifiers have controversially entered classrooms.

Over the past 20 years, scientific research into indoor air quality has advanced through a better understanding of various sources of pollution. It is combined with those Air Pollution It is concentrated inside buildings where we spend 80% of our time. But today, indoor air quality remains a subject for experts, and has not yet become a subject of citizen ownership. However, everyone has room to maneuver at home to breathe healthier.

“Plain denial”

Research in which you participated, with support from Ademe – the Environmental Transition Agency – and Leroy Merlin Source – Leroy Merlin’s housing research network – wanted to approach indoor air quality in homes from the perspective of residents to understand how the general public mobilizes around this topic. By bringing together a team of sociologists (GBS Cabinet) and technical experts (Médiéco), this research adopted a unique approach that combines ethnography and population support.

Twelve families participated by opening the door of their home to the researchers for half a day, divided between the observation period […] read more

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