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Here are the foods that you don’t eat right that damage your teeth

Here are the foods that you don’t eat right that damage your teeth

And if some food Our teeth hurt? Let it be ours How do you eat it? Or simply configure it, we evaluate products Better or not (at all).

Foods that damage the teeth

As mentioned Habits We are Harmful for us teeth. According to Sherilyn Pezzullo, assistant clinical professor and director of community programs at the New York University School of Dentistry, there are common ways to eat certain foods. “Excessive pressure on your teeth (…) These methods can weaken tooth enamel and increase the risk of dental emergencies.”

the Apple

snap in apple Enamel is badly damaged. So it is better that Cuts apples in cutting before taking it. expert says: “By cutting the apple into wedges, you can push that fruit directly into your back teeth, which are specially made for grinding, crushing, and shredding food.”


this is not citrus fruits in itself bad for us teethBut its acidity. The expert advises swallowing food quickly until it becomes citrus juice sour Does not harm the teeth. Then remember to brush your teeth.

raw vegetables

as specified raw vegetables Such as reflux can lead to Small cracks in the teeth. the reason ? require excessive chewing. So it is recommended Smooth cut.

How do you take care of your teeth?

And if we take the opportunity to remind you of the basics of the Good oral hygiene ? Among the good measures to adopt we find:

  • Cleaning teeth 2 times a day minimum
  • Make the right brushing motions: brushing should be done from top to bottom and you should make small circular motions on each tooth. Don’t forget the hard to reach areas and the tongue!
  • Respect the brushing time: about 2 to 3 minutes
  • Consult at least once or twice a year dentist
  • Use dental floss (optional)
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By respecting these gestures, you will have healthy teeth And wow !